Cringely: Windows API Coming in Mac OS X

In the continuing saga of running Windows on Apple Macs,
PBS columnist
Robert X. Cringely says
Apple will support the Windows
in an upcoming version of OS X and therefore support Windows
apps natively.

If this is true, and I have no reason to believe it is,
you could run OS X and Windows applications side-by-side
without emulation or vertualization software. While this
would be, I think, a GoodThing for customers, it is difficult
to believe his Greatness (AKA Steve Jobs) would approve such
a thing.

That said, even I, have been known to get things wrong.
So, who knows? YMMV. Insert Disclaimer here.


2 responses to “Cringely: Windows API Coming in Mac OS X

  1. Don Armstrong

    Why not? Sounds like a good deal for Apple. Get all the latest, greatest, best-financed, 100% Windows-compatible application software running natively on Apple h/w (and s/w without them having to cough-up for Windows itself). And since OS/X is BSD(-based), it puts a non-Windows O/S between the apps and the Web.

    What’s the total cost-of-ownership on running Windows-XP and trying to keep it secure now anyway? Probably wouldn’t be worse buying Apples and running OS/X.

    Makes liberating Windows shops cheap and easy – and that’s what they’ve got to do to grow their business. If they are going to do it, and if I were an investor, I’d be selling Microsoft to finance buying-up Apple bigtime. If Apple could double their business then Microsoft’s market would hardly decrease, but it could be the little margin that makes the profit.

    …and I hain’t han Happle fan.

  2. Does anybody else remember the “Better Winsdows than Windows” slogan? OS/X, OS/2 …