XFS: The Best Linux Filesystem?

When installing Linux, most people don’t spend a whole lot
of time agonizing over which file system to use. In fact, I
would guess that many distributions, especially the ones
trying to ease the transition from Windows to Linux, don’t
even give you a choice.

But since the 11 of you who read this blog are
techno-savvy geeks experts, perhaps
benchmark test of ext3/reiser/xfs/jfs

will be of some interest. To cut to the conclusion:

Based on all testing done for this benchmark essay,
XFS appears to be the most appropriate filesystem
to install on a file server for home or small-business
needs :

  • It uses the maximum capacity of your server hard
  • It is the quickest FS to create, mount and
  • It is the quickest FS for operations on large files
  • This FS gets a good second place for operations on a
    large number of small to moderate-size files and
  • It constitutes a good CPU vs time compromise for
    large directory listing or file search
  • It is not the least CPU demanding FS but its use of
    system resources is quite acceptable for older generation

YMMV. Insert disclaimer here. As with any testing, which
test(s) you employ and how you actually use your PC may
impact which file system is right for you.



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