Yesterday was
. It was commemorated here in ceremonies (see photo below) at
the National
Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
in Punchbowl crater in Honolulu.

Why have a day for what may be the worst military defeat
in Australia/New Zealand’s history? Well, why have a day in
the US to commemorate Pearl Harbor?

Perhaps, because it remembers and honors the sacrifice of
those who died on far off shores. Perhaps, because it reminds
us that war is about people and ideas worth fighting for. And
perhaps, in the heat of battle was forged a bond. A bond
between the two countries and the world that proved that
these relatively new nations were willing to pay the ultimate
price of freedom.

To our friends to the south, “G’day and good on ya” and “Tena koutou“.

ANZAC in Hawaii.
Cmdr. Stephen Hussey of the Royal Australian Navy, right,
Lt. Col. Layton Sutton of the Australian Army and Wing Cmdr.
Steve Kennedy of the Royal Australian Air Force.


One response to “ANZAC Day

  1. [q]Why have a day for what may be the worst military defeat …[/q]

    Maybe it’s a trick by politicians to hide the fact they were too blind to prevent the actions or to blunt to better organise the defense.