Lost People

Speaking of cars. We all make mistakes. But when we do, we
all have the capacity to learn from them. The problem is,
what is learned is not necessarily affirmative in nature.

For example, imagine someone who gets caught driving 90
miles per hour (mph), when the speed limit is 35 mph, and
then goes on to do it again. And again. What has this person
learned? Certainly not that speeding at almost three times
the speed limit is a BadThing. Don’t ask me what they
have learned, but whatever it is, it ain’t good for the rest of

Nor, in
this case
, does it seem was it good for Lost
TV actress Michelle Rodriguez. Ms. Rodriguez turned herself
in to serve four days in a Hawai’i jail for being convicted
of driving, while intoxicated. For the second time. She now
must face a California court for her possible violation of
probation for her first conviction.

I have another example. This one about a driver who is
following a cement truck up a hill. He is in a marked no
passing zone (signs are posted and the lane is marked with
double solid lines). But this driver apparently feels the law
does not apply to him and that he can pass whenever he wants.
So, he chooses to pass the truck and pulls out into the
opposite lane. An on coming vehicle swerves to get out of the
way and impacts the cement truck. In an instant,
women die
. But our lawless driver motors on, unscathed, and flees the
scene. Since this may end up in court, I can say no more
about this incident. But what lesson has this person learned
from his mistake? I wonder.



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