Headline Hebephrenia

Perhaps this is just one of those mistakes we all make.
But if not, the MorningPaper has another in a long line of
misleading headlines. You know, where the headline says one
thing, but if you read the article it says the exact
opposite. This morning’s example reads” “Quest legislation
must be OK’d.” This is the headline on the letters/opinion

Some background information. Quest is a public health
system for the poor. The legislation referred to, backed by
the Republican governor and her administration, would
dis-enroll all Quest participants each year and require them
to re-inroll. Presently, once enrolled, you don’t need to
re-inroll. Whether this is a good idea, in this case, is not
the problem I’m pointing to.

In this case, the letter is from people who represent
health clinics that serve these same poor. All of the people
are unanimous in their strong opposition
to the legislation. So, how does the headline above the
letter accurately reflect the opinion expressed by the group?
Well, it doesn’t. But it, I would guess, does match the
conservative, Republican supporting views of the

If the headline is not a simple mistake, then why should I
trust this newspaper to accurately report other stories?



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