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Wie Makes the Cut

It’s Friday! Sixteen-year old Hawaii golfer Michelle Wie
wowed them in South Korea yesterday when she became the
second female in Korea (and the first US female since 1945) to make
the cut in a men’s professional golf tournament. According to
local newspaper article
, Michelle is in 17th place at 5-under par for two
rounds. Go Michelle!


Tsunami Awareness

The recent strong earthquake near Tonga, in the South
Pacific, reminds us that we need to be prepared for a

If you are ever near a body of water including, but not
limited to the ocean, sea, lake, river, or stream and you
feel an earthquake you must immediately follow
advice of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
where they say to immediately get to higher ground. This may
mean literally running for your life because if you are close
enough to feel the earthquake, a tsunami
generated by the quake could reach you in minutes. As the
site says, if you can’t move inland quickly enough, and there
is a concrete building of at least three stories high near
you, head there and go up at least three stories.

Be aware that sometimes, the leading edge of a
tsunami is the trough of the first wave. Hence, it is possible that
the first indication of the wave is that the water actually
recedes. Do not be fooled by this because the first crest
will soon follow, covering everything that was uncovered.

Also be aware that tsunami are usually not just one wave
but many times a series of waves that may be as much as 20 to
30 minutes apart. And the first wave is not necessarily the

The bottom line is you need to know what to do so that if
the situation arises, you can act immediately to save your

YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

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