Hop Along

I’m still working on restoring my PC at work. I also decided to update my copy of Codeweaver’s CrossOver Office and therein lies (lays?) a tale. On one hand, it seems to solve a problem I had with running Lotus Notes in that I can now install it as myself rather than root. On the other hand, in trying to install MS Office, CrossOver wants to install IE 6. The install begins, but then hangs after downloading about 1297 or 1298 KB. Although I can’t be sure, I think our corporate firewall is blocking part of the install where the digital certificate is verified. So, I went home and downloaded it there.

I’m dealing with other problems but I’ll survive.



One response to “Hop Along

  1. Don Armstrong

    It lays if it’s a bird, a reptile or a monotreme. Just possibly amphibians or fish, but more generally the things that get laid have shells.

    That is setting aside adolescent activity, of course. If an adolescent has a shell, he’s more likely to be a Linux nerd, probably a geek of the pencil-neck variety, and unlikely to get laid, layed or even layered. That’s a pity, as it just about cuts out every reproductive activity there is.