Daily Archives: 17 May 2006

SUSE 10.1 Install Failure

I’m back. Where we left off
last week was I downloaded two of the five ISO images for installing SUSE
. Since then, I finished getting the
last three over the weekend and began the installation by checking the
MD5 sums and then burning them to CDs. All appeared well.

I then began the install. As
part of the install, SUSE provides a step where you can check the
integrity of the five ISO disks. Being a belt and suspender kind of
guy, I decided to do so even though I had already checked the MD5 sums.
 According to this step, all was well with all five disks.

I moved on and took the default
install except I added packages required to compile programs from
source. Once the installation of these packages began, I got up from my
desk and went to do other things because the installer was estimating
it would take between two and four hours to complete.

About an hour later, I came
back to the desk to check on how things were progressing. I immediately
noticed that the screen was showing the system boot screen (the black
screen that first comes up when I boot my PC). I was perplexed. Most
installers don’t reboot the PC unless they are done and, as far as I
knew, the install was not completed.

So I completed the boot process
and it came up in SUSE 10.1. But no, the install was not done and it
asked for the second CD. Hmmm. I inserted the second Cd and it resumed
installing packages. At least, until it hit a package that it said was
corrupted and I could ignore, abort, or retry. Sigh.

As mentioned earlier, the MD5
sums matched and the SUSE installer checked the integrity of the burned
CDs. Yet, the PC had rebooted and now I was being told there was a
corrupt package.

That’s where I left things.
When I have the time to try a new install, I will monitor the progress
and see if it reboots again. If so, I guess I can try downloading the
first ISO again and burning a new CD. But if that fails, I have to
reckon that there is something in my PC’s configuration (Intel D815
motherboard, Intel P3 CPU, 512MB of Kingston RAM, Seagate HD, Antec
case and power supply) that SUSE doesn’t like.

More when I know more.