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Lightning Fantastic

LightningI haven’t done a wallpaper post
for awhile so here ya’ go. This is from the, now wait for it,
the Lightning
site. The copyright holder has specifically allowed the non-commercial personal use of his
amazing images so you are free to use them as your wallpaper. He is to
be applauded for that since many web 1.0 people don’t allow such personal use (even as they are helpless
from doing anything effective about it and are actually hurting their business –
but I digress).

In any case, it is interesting to see lightning going from cloud to cloud, rather than from cloud to
ground. I had read that this occurs, but I don’t recall ever having
seen any pictures of it. This, and just about any other type of
lightning can be found on Mr. Bath’s site. A big thank you to him for
his work and his reasoned stance on fair use.


FedEx Frequency

So, as I thought might happen, FedEx tried to deliver my router to my
home on Monday morning a little before 10:00 a.m. But since I was at
work, and SWMBO wasn’t home either (although she was on vacation), the
delivery person left a notice on the front door knob saying I could
come pick up the package, after 5:00 p.m., at their office near the
airport. Sigh.

But here is where it gets interesting. FedEx came back that afternoon
at around 3:00 p.m. and successfully delivered the box to SWMBO, who
was home recovering from all the shopping she had done that morning!
I’ve never heard of FedEx attempting to deliver something twice in one
day. But there you go.

In any case, I have the router. What I don’t have is the time to set
things up. I need to shift a bunch of Cat 5E/6 cables around. I may not
have the time to do that until late next week.

Speaking of which, if you thought the number of posts had decreased
recently, you are right. The thing is, it’s not going to get better
until I can finish the assignments I had prior to be being promoted.
This is made difficult by having new assingments added on top of the
existing ones. Sigh.

I am hopeful that things will eventually settle down. The problem is
holding on until then…

So, I have things I need to do but little time to do them. For this week, I probably won’t be able to
do a post on Friday because I have an early meeting in the morning and I need to be
prepared for that. Next week Monday through Wednesday I have all kinds
of stuff to do so I probably won’t post anything either until after

As Dr. Pournelle likes to say,
(paraphrasing here) it’s interesting
work if your health doesn’t fail.


Move Along

No post today. My router did get delivered yesterday and there is story in that. But I have a early meeting to get ready for so I gotta’ go.


Linking Up

I’m still waiting for the Linksys router to show up. According
to the tracking info, it will probably be delivered today.
Unfortunately, the company where I ordered it from seems to have
instituted a new requirement of having me present to sign for it when
it arrives.

The problem with that is it will be delivered to my house and, being that
I work, I won’t be home. I would have it delivered to me at work but
there is a policy of no personal deliveries so I can’t do that.

What this means is I get to drive to the airport tomorrow, where the FedEx warehouse is, during the
peak of rush hour, to pick it up. Sigh. I hope this is a one-time thing
because I don’t plan on going to the airport every time
I need to receive something from this company.


Chained Routers, Part II

It’s Friday!

Although I try to support local businesses, sometimes they just don’t have what I need. I began looking
for a firewall/router this past weekend to begin reconfiguring my home
network for safer computing. But I was unable to find what I was looking for.

What I need is just a router/firewall. I don’t need a switch or hub. Well, actually, if
someone made a 16-port router/firewall/switch maybe I would get one
but, as far as I know, no one does. So all I need is the router/firewall.

Fortunately, Linksys still makes the BEFSR11.
This router has one port, which is all I need because if I wanted to, I
could put my own 16-port switch behind that. This model been around for
awhile and I wish I could have found others that are newer to take a
look at but it’s all I could find. It should arrive sometime today or Monday.

Once I have that, I’ll chain it off my present firewall/router and put my present local network behind
it. In between this second router and my present one I will move my
test web server. Thus, the web server can be port forwarded from the
first router and the rest of the network can be protected behind the
second router (which will have all ports stealthed. Yes, I know, I’m
talking about two different kinds of ports here, but stay with me).

This still leaves the web server open to attack, but there nothing I can do about that other than
to run the most secure operating system I can (FreeBSD) with only port
80 open and no other services other than what is needed running.

By the way, Fellow Daynoter
John Doucette
notes that the use of the word “DMZ”, which I used in my earlier post, does not
necessarily mean all ports are open. In fact, in the pricey Nortel gear he gets to play
work with, it probably means the opposite. He is no doubt correct, but
all I can say is that’s how Gibson Research and Linksys described and
defined the word DMZ. YMMV. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!

Life in the E-Age: Electronic Emoticons

Way back in the late 1970’s or early ’80s, there was this little paddle like device that had flip
chart pages. The device, intended for drivers, was used when
you wanted to communicate something to another driver. You would flip
through the various pages until you found what you wanted to say.
Sometimes, what you wanted to say was “Thanks.” But other times, well,
let’s just say you wanted to shove the paddle up the other guy’s you
know what.

This being the electronic age, there is now something similar. The electronic
traffic emoticon
(called the Driv-emcion, what a strange name) now provides you with the
opportunity to display a happy face, sad face, the words “thanks” and
“back off.” The wireless battery operated device is remote controlled
and can be attached to your car window.

Call Disconnected: Removing Genuine Advantage Notification

Although life, unlike physics, doesn’t always work in repeatable ways, there is a saying that for
every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So now comes an
article from eWeek that talks about a
to remove the controversial Microsoft Genuine Advantage notification program. Note
that it removes only the notification part, not the validation part.

According to the article, the notification part is the one that phones home to MS every time you boot
(I have yet to install the Notification program nor this remover, so I don’t know from personal
experience). It is this part that has many people concerned about just
what information is being exchanged with MS and what control this
program gives to MS over your PC. YMMV. Use at your own risk. Insert
disclaimer here.