MyMCPC: Stage II

To coninue the sage of installing Windows Media Center Edition 2005 from yesterday, I had a copy of Service
Pack 2 for Windows XP at work so I brought that home, and re-installed
Windows MCE 2005. As a brief review, during the install, Windows MCE
requires files found on the SP2 CD. I don’t know why this would be so,
but it is. Unfortunately, the files the install requires apparently
weren’t on the SP2 CD that I had (which I got directly from MS).

So, I downloaded SP2 from the
MS website. Unfortunately, the download is in the form of an
executable, not an ISO image file that would create a CD. I seem to
recall that if you use the special incantation, while facing Redmond,
you can create from the executable the files required. However, I don’t
remember where I saw that and didn’t feel like trying to Google it.

Even more unfortunately,
running the SP2 executable creates the files in a temporary directory.
Said directory is erased after the SP2 installs. Since the MCE install
was looking for files, not an single executable and since the files
created by the executable exist only while the SP2 executable is being run,
I was kind of stuck.

I first tried running the SP2
executable on my laptop and before ending the install, I copied the
temporary files to another directory. I then burned those files to a
CD. Unfortunately, the directory structure created by the SP2
executable goes deeper than the maximum allowed under the standards for
CDs (Joliet and ISO). Hence, when I tried to use the CD in the MCE
install, MCE could not read the CD. Sigh.

My second try was to burn the SP2
executable to CD, let MCE run to conclusion without the needed files,
then when MCE booted up, copy the executable to my D: partition. Once
there, I ran the SP2 executable, copied the temporary files to another
directory on D:, then rebooted and re-installed MCE. When MCE got to
the point
where it asked for the SP2 files, I pointed the install to the D:
partition directory where it found the files and the install continued on. Yes!

That is, it continued on until
it said it could not find Sigh. I paused the install
while I went back to my laptop and searched for the file. I found it in
the SP2 directory /i386/ip/hscsp_w3.ca_. Okay, I went back to
the MCE install and pointed it to that file on the D: drive. The
install then continued until an error came up saying it couldn’t find
Oobedisk.htm. Sigh. Back to the laptop to look for this file. I found
it in /i386/new/oobedisk.ht_. Back over to the the MCE install, point it
to that directory on D:, and Bob’s your uncle, the install went to

This time, after the install
rebooted and I installed the Nvidia driver for the network card, I had
Internet access. MCE still had an Internet connection for the firewire
bus but that didn’t seem to matter and I disabled it in MCE.

After six hours over two days,
there is still much to install before my MCE will be a fully
operational battle star computer,
but at least I have Windows itself installed and, I think, working.
Next up are the drivers for the analog TV tuner card and the VFD. More when I
know more.

Note: Monday is a state holiday to
commemorate the Hawaiian who, by force of arms, invaded, conquered, and
united all the Hawaiian islands. So, no post on Monday.

Have a Great Weekend,
Everyone – Aloha!


3 responses to “MyMCPC: Stage II

  1. You know Linux is dificult and Windows is easy to install. Well everybody says so, so it must be true. 🙂

  2. XPMCE comes on two disks. When it asks for the XP SP 2 stuff, put the first disk back in.

    Problem solved.

  3. Actually, I had already tried using disk1 (and also disk2) but neither worked. Yes, the install ran to conclusion, but the menu system wasn’t working and core applications, like Internet Explorer were not installed or configured. This was in addition to the network problems noted in my earlier post.

    The only thing that worked was to download SP2.