Call Disconnected: Removing Genuine Advantage Notification

Although life, unlike physics, doesn’t always work in repeatable ways, there is a saying that for
every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So now comes an
article from eWeek that talks about a
to remove the controversial Microsoft Genuine Advantage notification program. Note
that it removes only the notification part, not the validation part.

According to the article, the notification part is the one that phones home to MS every time you boot
(I have yet to install the Notification program nor this remover, so I don’t know from personal
experience). It is this part that has many people concerned about just
what information is being exchanged with MS and what control this
program gives to MS over your PC. YMMV. Use at your own risk. Insert
disclaimer here.



One response to “Call Disconnected: Removing Genuine Advantage Notification

  1. I once installed an electric ticker-tape display in my car, you know the ones that show horizontal scrolling text, but with the wires and adaptors and stuff it was rather cumbersome.