Life in the E-Age: Electronic Emoticons

Way back in the late 1970’s or early ’80s, there was this little paddle like device that had flip
chart pages. The device, intended for drivers, was used when
you wanted to communicate something to another driver. You would flip
through the various pages until you found what you wanted to say.
Sometimes, what you wanted to say was “Thanks.” But other times, well,
let’s just say you wanted to shove the paddle up the other guy’s you
know what.

This being the electronic age, there is now something similar. The electronic
traffic emoticon
(called the Driv-emcion, what a strange name) now provides you with the
opportunity to display a happy face, sad face, the words “thanks” and
“back off.” The wireless battery operated device is remote controlled
and can be attached to your car window.


One response to “Life in the E-Age: Electronic Emoticons

  1. Now that is a good idea. What would make it a *great* idea would be if you could hack into it and do slightly less politically correct messages – I mean lets face it, the roads are a battle ground, no use in being polite is there? 😉