Linking Up

I’m still waiting for the Linksys router to show up. According
to the tracking info, it will probably be delivered today.
Unfortunately, the company where I ordered it from seems to have
instituted a new requirement of having me present to sign for it when
it arrives.

The problem with that is it will be delivered to my house and, being that
I work, I won’t be home. I would have it delivered to me at work but
there is a policy of no personal deliveries so I can’t do that.

What this means is I get to drive to the airport tomorrow, where the FedEx warehouse is, during the
peak of rush hour, to pick it up. Sigh. I hope this is a one-time thing
because I don’t plan on going to the airport every time
I need to receive something from this company.



2 responses to “Linking Up


    Dan –

    My policy for this situation is to never, NEVER do business with that vendor again, or, if they include a comments section in the ordering process, to note, in all caps, IF THIS DELIVERY REQUIRES MY PERSONAL SIGNATURE, CANCEL THIS ORDER.

    I refuse to be tied to an area within range of my doorbell for up to 13 hours (0800-2100) merely to suit some Suit’s whim. over 90% of vendors cherish their customers to the extent that they do NOT want to put them through the jumps – for no good reason.

    I can’t put it strongly enough: SIGNATURE REQUIRED – NO SALE.



  2. The one reason why I cannot buy stuff online.
    I work and I live alone so there is nobody home most of the time to receive any goods -with or without required signature-. Leaving goods unatended on the doorstep where anybody can pick it up is not a good alternative.
    Now if you could enter an alternative address for deliveries …