Lightning Fantastic

LightningI haven’t done a wallpaper post
for awhile so here ya’ go. This is from the, now wait for it,
the Lightning
site. The copyright holder has specifically allowed the non-commercial personal use of his
amazing images so you are free to use them as your wallpaper. He is to
be applauded for that since many web 1.0 people don’t allow such personal use (even as they are helpless
from doing anything effective about it and are actually hurting their business –
but I digress).

In any case, it is interesting to see lightning going from cloud to cloud, rather than from cloud to
ground. I had read that this occurs, but I don’t recall ever having
seen any pictures of it. This, and just about any other type of
lightning can be found on Mr. Bath’s site. A big thank you to him for
his work and his reasoned stance on fair use.


One response to “Lightning Fantastic

  1. It actually happens more often than cloud-ground lightning. But more often than not it happens ‘in’ the cloud and stays hidden from view. Rather hard to take picture of it.