Morning Rambler

The folks over at Debian
one of their servers was rooted. The email kind of downplays the event
but if you downloaded anything from, you may want to
check your PC.

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At Tom’s Hardware, they
reviewed four color laser printers
: HP2600n, HP3600, Konica Magicolor 5430DL, and the Lexmark C522n. Each
printer has its good and bad points. For example, the HP2600n is
affordable, but with recent 20 percent price hikes in toner costs, Tom
says its cheaper to buy a whole new printer (which includes toner
cartridges) than it is to purchase a new set of cartridges when they
run out! Others are cheaper to operate, but don’t give very good output
or performance. Their bottom line is the “LaserJet 3600 represents the best compromise between ergonomics,
quality, speed, and cost per page…” YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

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According to this
Wired article
(may not be safe for work), the, uh, adult toy industry continues to enlarge
its line of products. One of the devices on display is a vibrator that
grooves in time with your iPod. The faster the musical beat, the faster
the vibrator moves. Of course, this vibrator is designed to be, um, inserted.

Another vibrator, this one intended for external use, looks like a short,
squishy cone. A woman is supposed to either sit down on it, or kind of
nestle it between her legs while face down. According to the article,
it works quite well for its intended purpose. YMMV. Insert disclaimer

a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!


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