What Doesn’t Kill You…

Most private businesses do their best to hide their problems. It seems like an unwritten rule
that no matter what may be going wrong with your business, never, ever,
admit it to anyone. To do so it seen as giving an advantage to your competition.

Although this tactic of secrecy may work in the short term, if you don’t solve your problem, denying that it
exists makes it harder to fix and, in the long term, employees and
customers eventually see the problem anyway.

Yet, many business continue to follow a toxic path of denial. So much so that when one deviates from
that path and actually is open with its customers, it makes the
headlines. Such a case seems to be a web hosting company called Dreamhost.
The company has a blog and in it is this remarkable
that lays out what may have recently gone wrong in the data center that is home to its servers.

It is a fascinating look at what happens when it all goes wrong. How one problem cascades,
causing multiple points of failure. Working in the dark, figuratively
and actually. Trying to diagnose a problem that may be an interaction
between more that one system.

The thing about is, I probably would never had heard of this company if it hadn’t come clean and
aired its dirty laundry. Having done that, if I ever decide to switch
from pair.com to another host (instead of hosting my own servers), I will certainly look into what they have to offer because I appreciate their honesty and openess.



One response to “What Doesn’t Kill You…

  1. I have known about dreamhost for a time, I think Zannah has her sites there. It’s not the first time they have problems and it’s not the first time they are open and honnest about it.
    And with thier prices and service they are my main option when I get back to posting.