Comeback Keiki

I switched over to the Golf channel yesterday to check on the progress of Hawaii’s other teenage
golfing phenom. Her name is Kimberly Kim (sometimes referred to as Kim
Kim). She’s age 14 and born and raised in Hilo on the Big Island. At
the time I tuned in, she was four strokes back and I figured, oh well,
she was the youngest to have made it to the finals of the U.S. Women’s
Amateur golf tournament and that, in itself, was an accomplishment. I
thought, maybe next year, and turned the channel. Little did I know
that not only would she make up the difference, but she would pull
ahead and be the youngest person to ever win the tournament!
Congratulations to Kimberly. You can read more about her win here.

The other come back kid yesterday was Kaneohe’s own Dean Wilson. Okay, at age 36 he’s no kid
any more. But when I checked in on his progress, he was tied for
seventh place. Little did I know he would storm back to be tied for
first and win it in a playoff! According to the newspaper,
he is the first Hawaii born golfer to win a tour event on the mainland
(others have won the Hawaiian Open but, apparently,
none have gone on to the mainland US and won).

What a day for golfers with connections to Hawaii!  



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