Here and There

I’m sorry there haven’t been very many posts lately. I like doing this but things have been very
busy at home and at work.

At home, we decided to replace the alarm system we had with another company’s offering. We hope it
will be more reliable and resistant to tampering. In addition, we had a
welder add steel bars to the windows that appear most vulnerable,
because of their locations, to someone trying to break in. All of that
took much time to decide on who to hire to do the work and then to be
around while they did it.

Although no system is perfect, we felt a layered approach would deter your average burglar. Now that
everything is completed, we can sleep much better knowing we’ve done as
much as we can.

At work, we are getting ready for the Legislature’s opening early next year. Yes, its four months in
the future but there is much to do. First, and foremost, there is the
budget. Without a budget to implement the policy decisions, everything
comes to a halt. Next is proposed legislation. Broadly speaking, there
are three types of proposed legislative bills, those that add new laws
to the books, those that amend existing laws, and those that delete
existing laws. We may have some of each and all require through review
and coordination. And finally, there are internal reports and
Legislative reports that have to be finalized so that they can be
distributed prior to the opening of the next session.

Perhaps it is a false hope, but I hope that things will eventually settle down and I will have the time
to post more often. But, as I said, this may be a false hope. Sigh. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



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