Hawaii 2050

So I attended the Hawaii 2050
conference this past weekend. There is a lot to think about but I have
very limited time to say much about the conference.

One of the things they did was to create four alternative futures. The 500 attendees were then divided
up into four groups to discuss the alternative they were assigned. Mine

The end of cheap and abundant
energy, sea-level rise, global economic collapse, and pandemics has
resulted in local self-sufficiency–based on strictly-enforced
indigenous-based and traditional values, and the “small is beautiful”
ideas of E. F. Schumacher.

The scenario covers a full page with very small type but certain logical consequences flow from
alternate future. First among these is the collapse of governance,
transportation, and higher education. This would be a very dark future,

Part of all scenarios was a skit in which a debate for governor was run. There were two parties but
you had to be a member of a business to be part of the party and to
vote. One party was headed by someone from Japan who ran a keiretsu-like
high tech virtual reality game corporation and the other by something
called “Aloha Nuclear and Water.”

I thought the second party’s
names was hilarious and include a scan of a bumper sticker (one wonders
if there would be cars in this future) they handed out below.

Aloha Nuclear and Water

If I have time, I’ll say more some other day but I gotta’ go.



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