No Screen Day

When I was much younger, our parents instituted a “No TV Day.” That is, once a week, the TV was
turned off and not turned on again until 24-hours later. The effects of
this was many fold. It helped us with, among other things, to enjoy
reading, playing board games, going outside to enjoy nature, and
visiting with our neighbors and relatives. On balance, I think
that was a GoodThing(tm).

This week, an eight-year-old girl began what she is calling “No
Screen Day
.” Hannah Skaggs, a Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii student began a campaign to
get other students to turn off not only their TVs, but anything that
uses a screen (computers, game consoles, etc.). In its place,
Skaggs urges youngsters to go outside
and play, or read, or anything except sitting in front of a screen.

Her goal was to get 200 to 300 of her fellow students to go along with the idea. But due to her taking
this seriously, she pursued grants and therefore has funding to get the
word out to others and to even offer prizes for participating. Hannah’s
mother estimates that as many as 1,500 students have joined her and
that, perhaps, next year, the effort will spread to other states.

I think it is great idea and am pleased that it is spreading. Perhaps
you may want to institute such a no screen day in our home.



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