• Georgine Rose Corrigan, age
    55, United Flight 93

  • Richard Keane,
    World Trade Center

  • Maile Hale,
    age 26, World Trade Center

  • Michael Collins, age 38,
    World Trade Center

  • Rich Y.C. Lee, World Trade

  • Patricia Pitchford
    , age 39, World Trade

  • David Laychak,

  • Christine Snyder,
    Flight 93

  • Heather Ho,
    age 32, World
    Trade Center

During this day of remembrance, I would also like to remember a columnist for the
MorningPaper by the name of Bob
. I didn’t know Mr. Krauss, personally. But through reading his column,
which ran for more years than I have been on this earth, I got to know
a little about him.

It seems to me Krauss did what he loved doing; writing stories well told. For 55 years, he entertained
and educated us with tales of deeds long past, present, and some into
the future.

The column he wrote for reflecting on the events of this date in 2001 may not be one of his
better, but I think it pointed to his optimism and wanting to move forward:

The really difficult thing for me about dealing with world-class terrorism is feeling guilty for
wanting to feel good.

It began about the 10th time a television newscast ran the picture of an airliner diving into a
World Trade Center tower in a ball of flame. That picture made me want to turn off the set. Yet the picture wouldn’t go away, because this was the new reality. I felt ashamed for being unable to grasp it.

When I tried to write about it, I couldn’t. That would be further compounding the violation of
thousands of victims.

The column I’d written before it occurred was about flowers, as out of place as a joke at a funeral.
Everything had changed. I felt guilty that what I felt was resentment
when thousands of people had died.

In a strange way, consequences of the tragedy have begun to make it bearable. I went to
Pier 10 to help plan the second annual Honolulu Harbor Festival. For
the first time, a young guard politely asked to see a photo ID…

Then came the big question. Should we cancel the festival because of these uncertainties? Would it
be in bad taste? Nobody wanted to cancel so we’re going ahead. Terror
shouldn’t take over our lives…



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