A Mighty Wind

GE 1.5 wind turbine.Speaking of alternative energy sources
(as I was yesterday). The Big Island of Hawai’i will be getting a new
set of wind turbines
. Fourteen of the
devices are being installed in the South Point area and are expected to produce sufficient electricity for
as many as 10,000 households next year. The turbines will replace 37
older and less powerful ones in place since 1987.

For you trivia fans, South Point is the southern most point in the 50 United States (Florida has
the southern most point in the continental US). It is located in a wind
zone that provides continuous, strong trade winds. Thus this site is tailor made for a wind farm.



One response to “A Mighty Wind

  1. The company I am assigned to likely makes the transformers that go into these windmills or ones like them. They mount right inside….