Nano No No

Sometimes, Apple is really easy to dislike. For example, I’ve been using
my black, generation 1 Apple iPod nano for some time now and every once in awhile it will
go into a White Screen of Death. By that I mean it will become non-responsive and just display a plain white screen with nothing else on it.

PCMag recently posted a short
on the subject and listed several ways to try to recover. If you run into this problem,
you may try the following:

  • Check that the iPod is fully charged.

  • Toggle the hold switch on and off.

  • Press and hold center and menu buttons for at least six seconds until Apple logo appears on the
    iPod screen.

  • Retry plugging your iPod into a different USB port on your PC.

  • Restart your computer.

  • Reinstall iTunes and iPod software.

  • Restore iPod to its factory settings with updater app on CD.

  • Drain the battery down then recharge it fully.

  • Still stuck? Call Apple care. Have the serial number ready (you can find it on the iPod and in
    the iTunes app).

Since I was having this problem (and not getting more than three to four hours of playing time
from the battery), I was looking forward to the announcement this week of among
other things, Apple’s generation 2 nano iPods.
Unfortunately, the only one that comes in black (the most popular color, natch) is, of course, the most expensive of the series. If you don’t want to spend $350 USD, you can choose the cheapest model (the
2GB) but it comes in any color you want, as long as that color is bare aluminum.

I guess I’l wait until after the Christmas season because, being really cynical here, after that point Apple will probably release generation 2.0a nanos that will also come in black (and include a cheap affordable
case for it). YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!


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  1. You could of course get a Zune. They don’t ever have a white-screen-of-dead …