Daily Archives: 2 October 2006

Rocketing Along

Rocketbelt.I read
an article over the weekend that talked about the repair
and maintenance
problems of Seattle’s
. The monorail, completed for the 1962 World’s Fair, connects downtown to what was the
fair grounds.

The early sixties was an interesting time when it came to predicting the future. It was a world
of possibilities. A world of high tech wonders like the monorail.

But reality was not kind to this vision of the future. To this day, monorails are more an oddity
than a common mode of transportation. But one of the other devices of
the future, the rocketbelt, may now be ready for liftoff.

A report of the First
International Rocketbelt Convention
held late last month indicates you can now buy an off-the-shelf rocketbelt. Whether this
actually works I don’t know but it sure would be nice to have one of
these. Of course, since most so called rocketbelts had flying times of
no more than 30 seconds, you won’t be able to go very far. But still,
what a way to fly. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.