Fallen Tower

During the mid to late 1970’s, I attended college in southern California. As
with most male college students, music was an important part of life.
It seemed all the cool guys had a receiver, turntable, and a pair of
speakers (the bigger the better).

If I remember correctly, I had a Marantz
receiver, Technics
direct drive turntable with Shure V-15 cartridge, and Altec Lansing speakers.

Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard.
Back then, although there were several stores where music was sold (including the Licorice Pizza), the place to go to find
that obscure copy of a record that nobody else had was Tower Records. I
especially liked the one on Sunset Boulevard. It was set on a slight
curve of one of the busier streets in Los Angeles but was the place to
go. They even had a pretty good collection of contemporary Hawaiian
music, which I bought on a regular basis to soothe my longing for home.

However, over the years, things changed. The music world especially. Receivers became part of a
home entertainment system. Turntables gave way to CDs. Music became
digital and down loadable.

But through it all, Tower remained the same. A brick and mortar building where cool music lived.

However, this past weekend, Tower Records began a liquidation
. The once power house of music will be no more in great part because it did not change with the
times. Perhaps its for the best, but I will miss the familiar yellow
and red logo. Thanks for all the great memories.



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