Voggy Days

Even here in Hawaii, we have what we call bad weather. Be clear, what we call bad and what other
places call bad are not necessarily the same. Still, this week has been
shrouded in what we call “Kona winds.”

If you look at a map
of the Hawaiian islands
, you’ll see that the Big Island of Hawaii is at the southern most end of the
chain. On that island is the town of Kona. By tradition, when the winds
come from that direction up the island chain, it is referred to as a
Kona wind.

As the winds pass the Big Island, it picks up the gases and particulates spewing from Kilauea volcano. These gases, collectively called vog, are a toxic mix of sulfur dioxide and other chemicals. Those with
respiratory diseases are especially hard hit when they breath this.

If you would like more information, the MorningPaper(tm) has an
article on this week’s vog here



One response to “Voggy Days

  1. So it’s a bit like Manhattan on Voggy days ~_~