Ready or Not: Here Comes IE7

Speaking of losing, I understand that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer
version 7.0 is due out soon. I further understand that it will be
automatically pushed down as a critical update unless you take action
now to stop it

Why would you want to do that (i.e., prevent the install)? Well,
usually it is not prudent to install dot zero version updates on
production PCs because there are usually many unknown (and many known)
bugs. These bugs tend to be nasty and may cause all kinds of very
difficult to solve problems.

Secondly, even with beta testing, sometimes you have to wait for the
gold code to test how well an update works with your other
applications. Hence, in a large enterprise, you don’t want to have a
forced upgrade. For this very reason, our IT folks recently decided to prohibit the IE7 install until
our mission critical web-based applications have been fully tested.

Whatever you decide, be clear that you WILL have to cooperate
and install IE 7 at some point, the question is when. However,
prudent people are saying perhaps you shouldn’t be the first to do so.
YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



One response to “Ready or Not: Here Comes IE7

  1. Hmm, to stop the auto-update you need XP with servicepack-2 so you should install that first …

    I think installing a penguin is a better way to stop the auto-update. 🙂