Weaseling In: Firefox vs. IceWeasel

Rules are rules. Or at least, that’s how the old saying goes. And I
understand that if everyone doesn’t play by the rules, sometimes things
don’t work.

It seems Debian GNU/Linux
will no longer be distributing the popular Firefox
browser. This long email
lays out the problem(s) better than I can. But as far as I
can see, Debian wants to be free and Firefox, it says, is not.

So, Debian will use Gnuzilla
and IceWeasel
instead. Sigh. I fear this may turn out to be an
example of another lose-lose situation (see also problems with playing
mp3 and certain other media files in Debian). Although I make no
judgments as to who has the better argument, I do say it is the user
who, in the end, may lose the most. Big Sigh.

That being said, unless both actively try to sabotage the other, I
may simply download the Firefox tarball and install it on any
Debian-based system I choose to use (I’m using Kubuntu and Xandros, and assuming
that either chooses not to include Firefox). YYMV. Insert disclaimer here.


One response to “Weaseling In: Firefox vs. IceWeasel

  1. Debian has a problem that lots of other dsitributions are based on it. It has to stay cleaner and ‘freeer’ than most others.