Kubuntu 6.10 Reloaded

Okay, so I downloaded the almost 700MB ISO of Kubuntu
6.10 this past weekend. It took about 35 minutes to download the file,
after which I burned it to CD and began the installation.

I haven’t done a time comparison between 6.1 and 6.06 but 6.1 seems to take a little longer
to install. Otherwise, all went well and I an now using 6.10 without
any problems.

You can follow this
link to see what’s new
in 6.10. I haven’t had the time to check everything out but I do like the new
“System Settings” panel. It’s similar to the Windows Control Panel and
allows you to access many of the more important settings in
one place. For example, the major headings on the panel are: Computer
Administration, Network & Connectivity, and Look & Feel.

Konqueror is the default browser and file manager. Although it’s okay, I like the extensions
that Firefox has so I downloaded, using the included Adept Package
Manager, Firefox 2.0. But I still use Konqueror as my file manager.

Obviously, I haven’t had the time to try everything new, but so far, everything seems to be running
fine. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



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