Can’t Get No Satisfaction

It was 1998 or so since the last time the Rolling Stones played a public concert here in
Hawaii (I seem to recall they had a private concert for a soft drink
convention or some such) and it seems it may be awhile before they do
another. The Stones had scheduled a concert later this month but
canceled it yesterday. From what I understand, the stated reason
is lead singer Mick Jagger is having throat problems and needs
to rest it to avoid complications.

If this is the reason, then more power to him and I wish him well. But when the tickets went on
sale earlier this year, I was ready to stand in line (figuratively
speaking, via online ticket sales) to get my hands on a couple of
tickets. But on the morning that tickets went on sale, I found that the
cheapest tickets on the floor of stadium were $350 USD and that the
best seats were going for $600! SWMBO and I reluctantly decided to pass
because we just don’t have that kind of money to spend on, well,

But I wonder if a lot of other local people also decided to pass. I mean, the last time the
Stones were here the tickets were under $200 for the best seats. In
fact, I seem to recall good floor seats going for about $65 or so.
Hence, I would not be surprised if the concert was canceled more due to
poor ticket sales rather than poor health. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



2 responses to “Can’t Get No Satisfaction

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  2. He got a sore troat from calling for more money. I suppose šŸ™‚