wikiCalc beta

Dan Bricklin is at again. The co-founder of VisiCalc,
the beginning of what is known as the modern spreadsheet, is working on
something called wikiCalc.
What is wikiCalc? As far as I can understand it, without having
installed and used it, is that it is a web authoring tool designed for a
very specialized niche (you can read his
description of it here
). Namely, those who need to display tabular data. The program uses the
spreadsheet metaphor as its browser-based interface. You can do the
usual calculations and cell formating like a spreadsheet and keep a 2-D
database. I’m not sure if you would like to use it for more than that
but who knows what uses people will find for it (just as spreadsheets
have been used for all kinds of unrelated tasks).

Note, it’s apparently feature complete, but still in beta so you may not want to install it on a
production PC. That said, if you need to display this type of data in
HTML, and don’t want to learn a lot of CSS or table syntax, this may be
the program for you. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.


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