Listening to the Sound of the Falling Rain

It’s raining again. It tends to do that during our rainy season. The problem is when too much rain
falls during too short a time. Like yesterday when the rain caused a
mud slide
that closed one of the main tunnels between Honolulu and the windward side of the island.

As seems to be the case when these things happen, traffic diverted to other routes. This additional
traffic was greater than the carrying capacity of the roads and
everything soon came to a standstill.

Fortunately for yours truly, I don’t live on that side of the island and I was able to get home
without major slowdowns. That said, traffic will get worse everywhere
as more people in more vehicles flood the roads.

I don’t know if there is one answer that will solve what may be a very complex problem. Our Mayor
believes a fixed
light rail rapid transit system
is the answer. But as the projected costs keep going up (now set at between
$3.6 and $4.5 billion
), it seems like this solution may be slowly slipping away.

If not this, what? I wonder, as I hear the rain falling outside and I get ready for the morning commute.



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