Lost Harbor

Lost lights. I have no doubt that if you
live in Hollywood, you are probably used to seeing long, 18-wheel
trucks parked everywhere with various crafts people hustling to and
fro. But here in Hawai’i, although there are some exceptions, (e.g.,
Hawaii 5-0, Magnum PI, etc.), you don’t see that too often.

Well, today, the cast and crew of ABC’s TV show “Lost” was in our building filming. Although it is
interesting to see the process they go through to film/tape even a very
brief scene, their being here did cause some complications.

See, we were holding a conference in the Supreme Courtroom with about 90 people attending
while, at the same time, they were filming literally outside the doors
of the courtroom. I know it was difficult for us inside to hear because
of the noise from outside and, I’m sure, it was difficult for them to
film with all the noise that was coming from inside.

I don’t know how it was that both events came to be scheduled on the same day, in the
same area, but I hope it never happens again!

Above is a low resolution camera phone picture I took of the huge, hot lights they use. The view
is looking out of the courtroom into the rotunda. No, you won’t see any
actors. They are all below on the first floor. By the time I
had the opportunity to take the photo (just after the conference
finished up), they had already moved below. But there was one stunning
woman dressed in a short, black mini-skirt. Boy, she was, as the saying
goes, easy on the eyes [ducking and taking cover]. I’m not a Lostie so I couldn’t tell you who she is. Sorry.



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