Novell Microsoft: What’s the Deal Here?

Linux Journal
columnist Nicholas
Petreley says
the Novell-Microsoft deal “stinks to high heaven.” Why? Petreley says
Novell is paying MS a percentage of its revenues to stave off patent
infringement issues.

This pre-supposes that Novell/SUSE Linux is infringing on MS patents. If so, this may be a
serious situation for all distributions of Linux. Petreley says he
isn’t sure if Novell is just taking a page from the MS playbook and
spreading a little fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Still, why pay MS
anything if your distribution is not infringing?

I don’t know the real reason(s) behind the deal. I have heard it go the other way where MS supposedly
had its own patent problems and needed to cover itself by making a deal
with Novell. So, who is right?

I don’t know. Maybe both versions are wrong. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



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