Plasma Cooling?

In the rough and tumble world of commercial products, the best doesn’t always win. Sometimes,
bad marketing triumphs over good products. The most famous example is probably Betamax versus VHS. Although the Sony standard had a visibly superior image, it was VHS that eventually
sold more units.

Perhaps a more recent example is the LCD versus plasma TV debate. To my eyes, a good plasma TV is
superior to a good LCD. Now, don’t get bent out of shape if you prefer
LCD. If that’s what works for you, great. But to me, plasma
has better color, faster response times, better contrast, truer blacks, and you don’t need to
worry about the angle you are viewing from nor closing the curtains to
make the room dark. If we were looking to buy a high definition TV,
which we aren’t, I wouldn’t hesitate to get a plasma.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers seem to be going in the opposite direction. This CNN
says plasma TV sales will peak in 2008 and begin to decline in 2009. I think this could lead
to fewer choices and, perhaps, prices being held higher than it would be if
there was more demand, selection, and competition.

Obviously, no one, including CNN can predict the future. But if the forecast is correct, I guess we
will get a plasma sometime in 2008. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here. Feel
free to buy whichever you choose.


2 responses to “Plasma Cooling?

  1. About LCD vs Plasma: I just got a Sony Bravia 46″ LCD 1080i (S series, I think).

    I picked it over plasma or other types because:

    1) No reflection on screens: my TV room has lots of windows and ceiling lights. I’ve got no reflection of lights or windows.

    2) Blacks look really good. Even in non-HDTV mode (don’t have the DirecTV HD reciever yet).

    3) Response time advertised at 8ms. Looks good enough for the football games; again non-HD mode for now.

    4) Almost a 180 degree viewing angle. No distortion that I can see.

    I did look at plasmas, but there was too much external light reflection.

    Next time you wander into your local Best Buy, suggest that you look at the Sony Bravia series (the 1080p / 1080i models). I took several trips to look at the different varieties (LCD, plasma, DLP, LCD projection), and the Sony Bravia LCD met all of my requirements (above).

    I am quite pleased with my choice.


  2. For big screens Plasma tends to be better though LCD is catching up fast. For small sizes (< 40″) LCD is better, mostly because the strong backlight cancels out allignment problems.

    For best comparison you should go to a shop that sels and demonstrates both types (ex MediaMarkt around here) and then take a picture of each.