Worst Buy

This is an update to a
post I did earlier
on the problems I had with Best Buy and how I canceled a $700 purchase because
of it.

The folks I instead paid my money to are called “The Discount Store” and are located at 951 N. King
Street, in Honolulu. They are a small neighborhood discount store so they don’t have a fancy show room or spacious wide aisles (nor an army of surly sales people).

On the other hand, we got to choose the date and time that best worked for us. Compare this to Best Buy, who said we could request a
, but the outsourced delivery company would determine when would be the
best time (for them) to deliver. If we didn’t like that, we
could go with another store.

So, we went with another store and got better service and saved about $100 (Even though the base cost
of the range was higher than Best Buy, the delivery, installation, and removal of the old range was included in the
price. Best Buy wanted to charge more than $200 extra so the actual out the door cost was higher at Best Buy.).

Although the delivery guys arrived about 15 minutes later then the one-hour period they said they
would, I can live with that. So, even though The Discount Store is small and doesn’t have a lot of selection, whenever we need an appliance, we will check them out first. In fact, we may never set foot
in Best Buy. Ever. Because, at least in this instance, they treated their customers like
cattle to the slaughter
with disrespect. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



2 responses to “Worst Buy

  1. “they don’t have … spacious wide isles ”

    Of course not. They’re not on a continent (like the Americas, Europe, Africa, mainland Asia, Australia or Antarctica). They’re on a dinky little set of islands like Japan, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Great Britain or the Hawaian Isles, so of course they don’t have spacious wide isles.

  2. [quote comment]”they don’t have … spacious wide isles”

    Of course not. … so of course they don’t have spacious wide isles.

    Poor Belgium as no isles, wide nor narrow. šŸ™‚