Bono and Microsoft?

I like a good rumor as much as the next guy (Google Apple iPhone and
see what you get). So take the following as my attempt at starting a
rumor (good or otherwise).

Most everyone knows about the connection between Apple iPods and the
rock band U2
(see the special edition
iPod here
). Recently, U2 finished their latest tour right here in

Seen at the U2
was Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Seen at a restaurant was Gates
and Bono
(although perhaps not at the same table). Seen at the
after party was Gates and Bono (sorry, can’t find an online link). Even
going back as far as May
of last year
(scroll down), Bono stayed over at Gates’ home in

Now, most of this is probably due to the charity work both Bono and
Gates do. But wouldn’t it be great if there were a U2 special edition of…now…wait…for…it – Microsoft’s Zune!

Okay, so it’s a little early for an April fools joke. But I couldn’t resist…


One response to “Bono and Microsoft?

  1. Nah, Bono wil at least wait for version 3.

    Zune3u2 🙂

    ps. I am still improving. I am walking about -slowly- even as far as going shopping in town. 🙂