Panasonic Says Buy Plasma, Not LCD

Now that all the presents have been opened and you’re still
waiting for that flat panel TV, now is the time to think about
upgrading so that you will be ready for the Super Bowl! It’s too bad
the after Christmas sales don’t seem to have materialized. At least,
not to the extent I’ve seen in past years. I guess retailers must have
had a good Christmas.

Anyway, no, as I’ve said before, I don’t want to get in to a
flame war over which type of TV is better – plasma or LCD (actually,
the old school tube has the better color rendition, contrast, and deep
blacks and pure whites). But one of the manufacturers of all three
types of TVs says, for larger screen sizes, plasma
is best

Why is Panasonic/Matsushita saying this? Well, Panasonic, the
article says, insists that plasma has “superior contrast, color
rendition, crisp motion, viewing angle and durability when compared to
L.C.D. TVs.”

Now, as I said at the top, I don’t want to get in to any flame
wars over this. If you like LCD, more power to you. I think Sony makes
some of the better, if not the best LCD TVs around. So if you want to
buy one, go right ahead.

As for me, if I were to buy a flat panel, which I’m not yet
planning to do, I would get a Panasonic plasma. On the other hand, Sony
still makes an old school CRT-type
that is high definition, 34 inches, and sells for less
than $1,000USD. This TV, to me anyway, beats both LCD and Plasma. Happy
shopping! YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



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