MT 3.33

Okay, as far as I can tell, most of the behind the scenes
changes to this blog went through without problems. What I did was
upgrade to the latest version of MovableType. Like upgrading GNU/Linux
distros, I don’t really do an upgrade. What I do is backup the posts
and then wipe the directories clean. Only after doing that do I install
the new software. Otherwise, the old files don’t necessarily get
upgraded and you can end up with a partially upgraded system which
makes for a fully unstable one. System, that is.

I note that the instructions on how to do the install leave out
important parts. Like? If you are using GNU/Linux ftp to move the main
install file from your PC to your web host, you need to remember that
the file is in binary format (either .gz or .zip, depending on which
one you downloaded). If you upload it as ASCII, you _will_ have
problems. Problems that may be difficult to diagnose. Even after you’ve
done the upload and extracted the file into the folder you will be
using (e.g., /bin, /cgi-bin, /cgi-sys, or where ever you’ve chosen) ,
you need to move the sub-directory called mt-static out of your install
directory to somewhere on your web root. How you do that varies on the
operating system of your host so I will leave that as an exercise for
the user.

However, there are some issues related to the default index
template that still need to be changed. For instance, why does the
template display each and every past month? I mean, I’ve been posting
for several years now and the default should not display the months on
the main page. Rather, the default should be a link to a
separate page that breaks things up my month, organized by year.

Secondly, for some reason, the title of each post is displayed
as a link. I’m not sure why that is, although it seems like a good idea
except for the fact that they already provide a link to the post (its
down there labeled as “permalink”). I’m not sure, but MT may be
combining CSS files from the old version with the new. If so, I need to
find out how that is occurring because, as far as I know, I’ve deleted
or moved all the old directories.

Lastly, and this is not necessarily part of the upgrade, I’ve
decided to bite the bullet and go “dynamic” in page creation. This
means pages will be created on the fly rather than rendered as
standard, static HTML. I do this not because I think it is a good idea
(in fact, I think it’s the opposite), but since my web host,,
throttles the scripts that MT uses, which causes certain functions to
fail, I don’t have any choice. Of course, I could switch to another
host or host this site myself, both of which I am looking into. But for
now, this is how things will have to go. This means, however, I really
have to remember to back up the content because should the database
that actually stores these posts become corrupted or otherwise
fail, _everything_ will be lost. Everything. Like, forever. YMMV.
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One response to “MT 3.33

  1. You broke me.
    OK, you did not break me, I am just crippled.
    I start from an index page on mny own site and that links to you via “” which of course doesn’t exist. The only and whole problem is that I stil can’t upload to my own site to solve the problem.
    It’s one of those things that keep droppig off from my to-do list *sigh*

    Anyway, Happy NewYear šŸ™‚