Jawbone Bluetooth Headset from Cingular

Razr V3 Overall, I’ve been happy with my cellphone – a
Motorola Razr V3. It is light, thin, and receives and holds
signals fairly well. However, there are a several things that
don’t work for me.

First, the internal and external screens are unreadable when
I’m outside or in the car. Unfortunately, this seems to be a
characteristic of LCDs so until someone comes up with a better
replacement, there’s not much that can be done.

Second, the battery doesn’t last very long. By long, I’m
talking about two or three eight hour days on stand-by before I
need to recharge. I’m not sure if advances in battery types will
help this, but for now, there’s not much that can be done.

Third, along the street and even in a noisy car, it is very
difficult to hear the caller’s voice. I’ve turned up the volume
all the way but it just isn’t very loud(or my hearing isn’t very
good). I’ve also tried using the speaker phone, which works well
but that isn’t an option in crowded locations or when privacy is
required. I’ve even tried using a wired earpiece which also works
but after a few months, it failed due to a shorted wire.

Palm Treo 680 In a couple of months I will be eligible to
change phones at a discounted rate. I may do that. But what phone
I might get is still up in the air. I’m leaning towards getting
one of the Palm Treo
Most likely,
the 680
for no other reason than because it the cheapest Treo
(Nokia makes a nice unit but I’m not used to its interface.
Still, at half the price, it will be in the running).

Why a PDA and why the Palm? Since becoming the division
administrator six months ago, I’ve had to keep track of a
multitude of appointments. At first, I tried using a day
planner/calendar. But it was so big that I usually didn’t take it
with me, which defeats the purpose of having one because I can’t
refer to it at meetings if I don’t have it. This was a big problem and for awhile, I was making notes at meetings then transferring the notes to the day planner when I got back to the office. Obviously, this was not very efficient.

Palm Z22 PDA. So I bought the cheapest PDA, a Palm Z22.
It’s small, light, the battery lasts a long time and keeps my
appointments. I’m quite happy with how it works. The problem is,
I’m now carrying the Razr and a PDA. This is more than I want to
carry around. So that’s why I’m looking at a Treo. The downside
of the Treos is, of course, they are larger than a Razr or Z22,
individually. Still, I could fit one in my pocket. But who knows
what kinds of phones will be available in a couple of months?

In the mean time, I went looking for a Bluetooth wireless
headset to replace the wired earphone that failed. I know there
are a bunch of headsets out there. Many of which are probably
very good. But I was looking for one that had noise cancelling,
which narrows the field and increases the price.

Jawbone Bluetooth headset. As it happens, my cellphone
carrier, Cingular recently started selling something called the
Jawbone Bluetooth headset
[warning: site requires Flash]. Yes, I know, what a name. But I
guess it’s descriptive because, apparently, it uses sound
conductance through the bones in the face as a way of reducing
the noise picked up by its microphone. It also uses other
circuitry to try to filter out certain types of impulse

But when I called the nearest Cingular
to ask if they had one in stock, I was met with
incredulous silence and then treated as if I was some kind of
prank caller. So, I used the email address found in the Cingular
press release and asked for help. Within a short time, a helpful
person by the interesting name of Kelleigh Scott responded and
asked what zip code I lived in. I sent that back and Kelleigh
responded saying one had been put on hold for me at the Cingular
store near my home! In a time of rude and/or unresponsive
businesses, this was a very pleasant surprise. Imagine that,
someone actually quickly and efficiently responded to an email.
You better believe that after work, I went directly to the
Cingular store and picked up my new headset. If only all
businesses were like that! Well done Kelleigh Scott and well done

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!


4 responses to “Jawbone Bluetooth Headset from Cingular

  1. I love my Treo 700p. I’ll never carry Microsoft on my person, I tell you what!

    Been enjoying the write-ups of the Jawbone, too, though I’ve already got two very nice Bluetooth headsets that, in all, I’ve used maybe five times.

    Have a great weekend, and a great New Year’s!

  2. Dan,
    This is off subject, but my computer went down over the holidays. You, Mrs. Seto and all of yours have a very Happy New Year.

    John Vogt

  3. Palm is not very active on the European market (fallen asleep I suppose) so I would choose a Nokia, either the E61 (http://www.nokia.be/UK/Phones/PhoneModels/E61/- )which looks suspiciously like the Treo, or the 9300 clamshell phone (http://www.nokia.be/UK/Phones/PhoneModels/9300i/ )
    The 770 and 7710 series look interesting too.

  4. Dan,

    I have had palms for like the last 8 years, I love them. The treo phone is a great device, nicely packaged and synching with the work calendar (what you are looking for) works wonderfully! Highly recommended!

    With regard to headsets, I have a Plantronics PLT510 I believe. Pretty happy with it, over the ear type, pretty comfortable, works well with the phone and such…

    My .02.