MT Feeling

Fellow Daynoter and recovering car wreck victim Sjon commented
to say my recent change from static to dynamic web page production has broken
one of his links to this site. Sorry about that. I’ve restored
the old directory structure to what it was before I made the change but
I’m pretty sure by fixing this problem, new problems will come to the front (like all
new posts will not be linked from the old ones).

In any case, I’ve done what I can and I hope the old posts
still work while not killing the new ones.



One response to “MT Feeling

  1. Actually, it’s embarrassing that you have to change something to mask up my laziness.
    The only good solution would be (and still is) that I get my lazy ass moving and make sure I get update-access to my own site again.
    Actually I should have taken advantage of being home and recovering cause that gave me plenty of time for fixing the problem. But in stead of doing the sensible thing of fixing broken webs I spilled my time with cleaning. So now I have a temporally cleaned house and a broken site.
    I apologise for the extra and unnecessary work you had to do for me.