Still Looking for a Few Good PDA Cell Phones

I’m still looking at the different cell phone/PDA
combinations so if you have any suggestions, let me know. It
is interesting to note that Cingular may be getting ready to announce a
new Palm Treo. According to this
engadget post
, the Treo 750 will be announced (finally) by
Cingular this coming weekend. No price or availability details are known.


One response to “Still Looking for a Few Good PDA Cell Phones

  1. I just saw that this morning and thought immediately of you, Dan. I love my Treo, and a friend who got a Samsung Blackjack is somewhat regretting that decision. There’s always the CrackBerry, too.

    The 750 looks good, but the only downside is that the graphic seems to imply it’ll launch with the Microsoft OS, not PalmOS.