A Tangled Web of USB Cables

You know, sometimes all this high tech stuff is a pain in the okole. For example,
mini-USB cables. I have one for my Palm z22 PDA. I have one for my Razr
V3. And I have one for my Logitech Harmony TV remote control. Although
all three use the same connectors on each end of the cables, none of
them seem to work with any of the others.

So, instead of just keeping track of one cable to use with all
these devices, I have a tangle of three. The only thing that could be
worse is to come out with a new USB connector standard. Like, this
one announced yesterday (warning: PDF).


Actually, maybe if there is a new standard everyone will stop
siloing their customers and allow one to rule them all. And if
you believe that, I have some hot ocean front land on the Big Island
that you can buy for a lolo

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!


One response to “A Tangled Web of USB Cables

  1. Horay, a new standard. Good. More standards are better. … Hue … yes

    Actually, isn’t bluetooth a better way to connect most stuff? All we need is a faster standard of it to get rid of all those stupid USB cables. Even if it remains slower than usb-cable it may well win out by it’s conveniance.