iPhone? iDon’t Know, More Questions Than Answers

Okay, so Apple announced the iPhone yesterday. But it’s not
available until June and it is going to cost $500 or $600 USD
(depending on which model you get). So I have a decision to make, wait
until June to check it out or get a Palm Treo next month (when my
current contract with Cingular/AT&T expires). Right now, I’m
thinking I’ll wait, but truth be told, there are a couple of things
about the iPhone that bother me.

First, although it runs OS X, that does not apparently mean
you can install your favorite application. In fact, word is you won’t
be able to install any applications (unless you call widgets,
applications). If you don’t need anything more than what is
provided, this may not be a concern to you. But it is to me
because how can you call it a smart phone if it’s not extensible. No
one, including his highness Steve-o-reno knows what works best for me
better than me. So I like smart phones that have the flexibility to add
additional programs.

Secondly, since it lives by its screen (what with no buttons),
it may also die by its screen. That is, as I’ve said before, no LCD
screen currently available is readable in the direct sunlight. With
phones that have buttons/keys, you can at least punch in a number, even
if you can’t read the screen. But a phone with no keys requires that
you can see the screen. So, unless they have overcome this problem,
this may be a deal breaker.

I guess, I may wait until it is available then go to my
convenient neighborhood Cingular/AT&T dealer (two blocks away)
and test the screen outside. In any case, who knows
what other phones may be available by then.



One response to “iPhone? iDon’t Know, More Questions Than Answers

  1. Dan:

    Found this in my morning rounds… http://blog.treonauts.com/2007/01/palm_treo_680_v.html . Note that the site is a bit ‘cheerleady’ for Treos, and has some bias. And haven’t looked too closely at the article….but thought it would give you another data point.

    I still like my Treo. Having the Palm OS gives me a bunch more apps to install on it.

    …Rick….(low temp this week will be in the 20’s, highs around 50….a bit colder than usual…or your place…)