Attention All Hands

As we get closer to the opening of the legislature next week, posts will be scarce or non-existent. I expect it will be the same or worse once it begins.

Right now, I am tracking two things. The first is the new Commission on Salaries, which will set the salaries for all justices and judges. The second is related to the first, but I can’t say more until legislation is actually introduced.

In the mean time, check out the link fellow Daynoter Rick Hellewell sent over that compares the new Apple phone to a Treo 680. As he cautions, the site is Treo centric so you have take everything with a grain of salt. Still, it adds something to the conversation. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

By the way, I encourage you to check out Rick’s site, especially if you are concerned about PC security, as he is an expert the field. But over and above that, he writes about all kinds of interesting things so if you have a minute or two, check him out.



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  1. Here’s another look at the iPhone from a Treo perspective: