Treo vs. iPhone, Round III

Reader and Palm Treo expert Ryan
added another
link to
the conversation regarding Treo vs. iPhone. It seem like a relatively balanced look at the strong and weak points, as compared to Palm Treos. That said, both reviewers said
they would buy an iPhone, but still keep their Treos. Why? Because the
iPhone, although priced as if it were a business smart phone, is
actually a consumer appliance.

As such, the iPhone is not equipped to do, among other things,
push Exchange email or editing and viewing of attachments like MS
Office documents. Further, it is a closed platform. That is, no third
party development will be allowed. You will either bow down and be
thankful for what his highness has willed or you are not worthy.
Further, no keyboard. So doing email is not really an option. And
finally, no removable battery. This means when the power runs out, and
it quickly will (probably within an eight hour day), you won’t be able
to use the phone until it is charged up again. This is a big problem unless they can charge this thing in five minutes, or less (Jobs was strangely silent on this point).

My bottom line? Although the iPhone *is* a very sexy looking consumer
grade phone, it does not seem to do what I need a smart business phone
to do. So, most likely, I’ll get a Palm
Treo 680 from Cingular.



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  1. Just wait a bit till you can get an iTreo 🙂