Hawaii Stories

It is often said, here in Hawaii, that you shouldn’t talk
“stink” about anyone because you never know who are
friends/neighbors/related. With the coming of the Internet, this
became, I think, even truer because we are all

Take, for example, Ryan Ozawa. Ryan comments here on things
Treo. But not only is he related to my boss’s boss, but I found out today he
knows executive headhunter/photographer/urban documentarian Christa Wittmier! I came upon
Christa’s site when I was Googling one day for other Hawaii bloggers.
Ryan and Christa are part of a community, similar to the Daynoters,
called Hawaii
(and semi-associated site: Hawaii Threads).

As is the case with any group of people, not everyone *cough*
posts on a regular basis *cough* nor are you going to find everything
that is posted interesting. Still, it is a small world, so don’t talk stink
about anyone. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

PS Yo, Christa! Love your photos.

PPS Ryan, thanks for your expertise and for all that you do at
Hawaii Stories!



2 responses to “Hawaii Stories

  1. Thanks for the coughing.

    I am waiting for an invoice to get things rolling again. 🙂

  2. The “six degrees of separation” phenomenon comes all the way down to two or so in Hawaii. It makes sense that most bloggers will bump into each other, though, since there are surprisingly few of us. Well, excluding MySpace, LiveJournal and the like, at least.

    By the by… since you’ve found HawaiiStories, and you’re a blogger, you’re automatically qualified to be a member! Call now, operators are standing by!

    Or, you know, e-mail me. We’ll link you up and feature you and hug you and feed you and call you George.