MT Pressed to da’ Max

No sooner did I update the MovableType (MT) software to
version 3.33 that version 3.34 is released. Sigh.

I’m really getting tired of this. As usual, there are no
instructions (as of yesterday) on how to do
an upgrade. Do I erase everything I just finished doing? If not, what
should be erased and what can stay? Do the changes include the
templates? If so, which ones?

In fact, I’m at a point where I am looking at WordPress again.
The primary reason I didn’t stay with it last time I tried it was that it did not
produce static pages. That is, when you requested a page is when the
software would create it. The page would then disappear. This means
should the database that stores all the posts become corrupted,
something that seems to happen rather often,YOU LOOSE EVERYTHING not
backed up by you. On the other hand, on a static site
, the software produces actual pages that are left in place. That way,
even if the database fails, you still have all the pages up to that

But, since my web host,, is throttling the scripts
that run MT, I can no longer produce static archive pages. Hence, I am
in the same situation I was when running WordPress.

Up to recently, I was thinking about hosting my own site. I
have a server at home that was running a version of FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, and Perl.
There would be no throttling and response times would probably be
faster than the shared solution at pair. But I found running FreeBSD, a
version of the very robust operating system called Unix, different
enough from GNU/Linux that I became frustrated. Especially if I wanted
to add software that ran fine on Linux but mucked things up royally on

So, last weekend I reformatted the server and installed
Kubuntu. Whether I stick with that, which due to its own security features, is
not that easy to run as a server platform because you need to be the
administrative user (called “root”) to make changes, or switch to
something else, I haven’t yet decided.

But for the short term, I am seriously thinking of using WordPress. So,
don’t be surprised if things look
the next time you drop by.



2 responses to “MT Pressed to da’ Max

  1. Anything is better than my virtual pages 🙂

  2. I, too, like MT’s static HTML pages, although that’s old school these days.

    If I were starting from scratch, I’d go WordPress all the way. But I’ve got almost nine years of stuff online in Movable Type (the first few years’ worth of material imported from another CMS), and that’s a lot of inertia to mess with. But I stopped upgrading MT at 3.14, so something’s going to give, eventually.

    Free-ness, ease of installation, theme changes, and quick upgrades are all great reasons to go with WordPress. But its WordPress’ spam control systems (most developed by third party coders) that are the most compelling incentives to switch. Comment spam on MT is unbearable… or at least, is at 3.14. Every few days I just go through and delete hundreds of “moderated” spam messages that a smarter system would just kill outright.

    Meanwhile, I have WordPress blogs that are hit by the same intensity of attacks, but solutions like SpamKarma almost always sort through it all with very, very few false negatives.

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