WordPress Problems

Well, that was interesting. I decided to install the newest version of WordPress (2.1). But I had more problems installing this one than the previous version (2.0.7). I dunno, maybe its my web host or maybe I just don’t know enough about permissions but I could not get very far before getting permission errors. To try to fix this, I set everything I could to chmod 755. But I still got errors. So I tried chmod 777, but I still got errors. Sigh.

So I deleted everything and went to WordPress.com and signed-up for a free blog. I was hoping they would be using the latest version but, perhaps not. In any case, when I tried to import my three megabytes worth of MT posts WordPress choked. I had to break the file into four sections and then import each individually.

Although the posts are now in WordPress, there are still problems that anyone who plans on switching from one system to another should be aware of. For example, I talked earlier about the problem with br tags being added. But in addition to that, all the paths to any images the posts pointed to no longer work. I’m not blaming WP for this, I’m just saying, if you use relative URLs, such as ./images/example.png rather than http://www.mysite.com/images/example.png, don’t be surprised when none of your pictures display when you change over to a different server. I don’t know if there is an easy solution to this. If so, please leave a comment.

On the upside, WordPress templates that are “widget” enabled allow you to drag and drop the elements that you see over on the right hand column of the blog. That is pretty slick. Although I use MT, I am not aware of a similar ability. If there is, please leave a comment.

I will be working with pair.com support to see why my permissions don’t seem to work. They say it should not be a problem but, obviously, it is. More when I learn more. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here


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