How Not to Run a Business

Even in the best of times, it is difficult to find a good plumbing company. These are not the best of times.

Although we have tried our best to find a reliable business, by checking on what we could, it has not turned out well. First, we checked the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) for members that are plumbing contractors. Next, we checked with the local agency in charge of licensing contractors to see if there were any complaints against the prospective BBB members who are plumbers. Finally, we checked with the manufacturer of the water heater that we were planning to get to see if they had any
authorized dealers among the BBB members who had clean records with the licensing agency. Then we got quotes from three businesses that passed all the tests. Of the three, we went with the middle quote in cost since the lowest was so much lower than the other two we reckoned something was wrong with it.

Even with that due diligence, we had problems. First, the company wanted to deliver the water heaters several days prior to
the installation. While that would be inconvenient for us, since we would need to store the heaters where they couldn’t be stolen (Hawaii is amidst an epidemic of drug users. Said drug users will steal anything, bolted down or not), but we said okay. Come the day of the delivery, they bring three electric water heaters. The problem is, we ordered natural gas. So they take those back and deliver gas ones the next day. The reason they delivered electric is because, somehow, they changed the order from gas to electric and based their estimate on the cheaper electric ones so now they wanted an additional $300.

But. It gets worse. The gas waters heaters aren’t the ones we ordered. In fact, it’s not even from the manufacturer we specified. When we complain, the company says the ones delivered are the same as the ones were ordered, just different. It’s sort of like if you walked into a Ford car dealer and ordered a Mustang but they gave you a Chevrolet Impala and said, well its a different car but both are still named after animals so it’s alright. Not wanting to delay things, we say okay.

On the day of the installation, the plumber realizes that one of the parts for the water heater was the wrong size and he would need to go to the supplier to get the right one. So he did what he could and then left to get the part. He returned to say the supplier was out of stock so he could not finish the installation. Then he left.

So, of the three water heaters, two have been installed but one is waiting until the right part is available.

All I can say is, think again if you should think about hiring TNH Plumbing, of 911 Palm Place, because its business practices are below what we consider to be the minimum acceptable.


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